I’m Victoria Maus and I offer coaching sessions for parents based on the principles of Peaceful Parenting. I’m based in Sutton Coldfield (UK) and can offer face-to-face coaching sessions to those who live locally, or sessions over Zoom for others.


The Peaceful Home Educator - Victoria Maus


Why Work With Me?


First and foremost, I’m a home-educating mum to two daughters, so I understand first-hand many of the parenting challenges that families may be experiencing. I also understand the challenge of wanting to parent your children differently to how you were raised yourself, but wondering where to start!


I’m a qualified primary teacher and nursery nurse. I’ve worked with children from birth to 11 years old (and their families) for over twenty years. Currently I am working towards becoming a certified Peaceful Parenting Instructor with the Peaceful Parenting Institute.


Parenting Coaching with The Peaceful Home Educator


How Working With Me Can Help


Although parenting coaching may sound unusual to many, just think about how often we invest money in other areas of our lives. We pay for gym memberships to improve our physical health, food subscriptions to ensure our families eat well, all kinds of digital subscriptions to entertain and expand our minds. The list goes on.


But how often do we invest financially in our family life?


Yet if the balance isn’t right at home, it affects all of the other areas of our lives and our children’s lives!


Coaching can be hugely beneficial for several reasons. Clients can:


  • Develop strategies to meet the unique needs of their own family
  • Feel empowered to parent their children confidently
  • Begin to heal the trauma of their own childhood
  • Feel heard and respected
  • Repair damage to relationships with their children (and even their partner)


Let’s Work Together!


Parenting Coaching with The Peaceful Home Educator


I believe that all families can benefit from bringing the principles of Peaceful Parenting into their lives. For that reason, I don’t think that cost should be a barrier to accessing support.


My fees are on a sliding scale from £20 to £40 per hour.


I just ask that clients pay what they feel is affordable to them and I work on an honesty basis. Payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal. For international payments, I advise using PayPal so that the currency is converted easily.


In order to make an appointment with me you can send me a message via my contact form. I’ll get in touch to arrange a quick chat to answer any questions and make sure we’ll be a good fit for each other.


I look forward to working with you!