Do We Need A Routine?

Do We Need A Routine? | The Home Education Diaries


Over the last couple of months, I’ve joined a few different Facebook groups for people who home educate. I’m one of those annoying lurking types. For the last couple of weeks, in one group, I’ve noticed that parents have an obsession with routine.


There lots of posts where people are breaking their day down into the school subjects and asking everyone’s opinion. “What’s your routine?”, “do you have a routine?”, “what should be in our routine?”. Is that really that important though?


Since doing a fair bit of reading and thinking about the direction we want to take, we’re definitely leaning towards unschooling. We don’t want to just recreate the school day at home. What’s the point?


Just A Bit Of Routine?

Do We Need A Routine? | The Home Education Diaries

Maybe it’s the amount of time I’ve spent in the education system, but I do like plans and a bit of routine. I’m finding it hard at the moment to let go and just let the girls be. Before the summer, I was firmly attached to my Passion Planner. I updated it every Sunday night and getting the week ahead planned. All of my routine activities, like the school run, were the first things to get noted down. It’s hard to let go of thinking like that.


Back in the summer, we started talking about what having the girls at home would look like. We talked about a weekly trip to the library and swimming baths, karate lessons, parkour, guitar lessons and I’m sure there was more. P mentioned Chinese lessons at one point! We were absolutely full of good intentions but how would that routine actually play out over a week?


How Our Unschooling Looks

We’ve pretty much decided, at this point, that being child-led is the way we want to go. That seems like the antithesis of routine to me. So, we’ve done away with overburdening our weeks and days with too much.


Currently, our new routine is our weekly library visit, twice-weekly karate lessons, a fortnightly art class and a home education group. Oh and they want to start guitar lessons soon too. That’s definitely enough stuff for now! We’re just going to dip in and out of other groups and activities as and when the girls are interested.


Do We Need A Routine? | The Home Education Diaries


As far as day to day things go, I definitely don’t want to be like the parents I’m reading about online. It wouldn’t work for us to be so rigid and plan lessons in that way. If I wanted that, I’d go back to teaching in school. We need a bit of structure to our days however, or else the girls would happily hang around in their pjs!


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