Have Your Say: Home Education Inquiry

If you’re a UK-based home educator, you’ll probably know that Parliament are currently conducting an inquiry into home education.


The inquiry will seek to understand the extent to which current arrangements provide sufficient support for home educated children to access efficient, full-time and suitable education, and establish what further measures may be necessary in order to facilitate this.

It will also explore the impact of COVID-19 on home education, and any particular needs arising from the pandemic that need to be addressed. – UK Parliament Committees website


I’ve seen a lot of scaremongering in the home education community on Facebook around this inquiry, but the good news is that we can all have our say.


Have Your Say: Home Education Inquiry | The Home Education Diaries


Whether you’re a veteran home educator, or you’ve just started your journey, it’s vital for you to add your voice to this. Parliament need to know what a fantastic thing home education is and how our children are benefitting from it. They won’t if we don’t tell them.


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How Do I Contribute?


Go to this link, read the information and fill in what you can. You can send evidence in as an individual, or as an organisation. Your evidence can be anonymous if you choose.


Have Your Say: Home Education Inquiry | The Home Education Diaries


The deadline for this is 6th November. Let’s spread the word and encourage all home educators to get involved in this.


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