What Do I Need To Buy To Home Educate?

The primary school that I worked in had a Resource Manager. It was her job to buy resources, keep them organised and make sure they were available when needed. If I ever needed something for a lesson, I’d fill in a request form and it’d arrive in my classroom when I needed it. Well actually, most likely I’d forget and then send my Teaching Assistant on a mission to find whatever it was I needed. Hey, I’m not perfect.



Schools have got a lot of resources. Let’s not get into budget cuts and things here, but they have cupboards full of science equipment, maths equipment, Historical artefacts, costumes, art supplies… the list goes on. At home we don’t have all of this. So do we need to rush out and buy things?

Whether or not we should buy anything before we start home educating properly (if there is such a thing) has been on my mind. We don’t have a lot of money to be able to buy resources, so we’d like to choose wisely.


Let’s Go Shopping!


Andy mentioned something about wanting to make sure we had decent resources for the girls for maths. I then fell down a rabbit hole of looking at things we could buy like scales and the next thing you know I’d ordered a bunch of catalogues full of educational supplies.


What Do I Need To Buy To Home Educate?


I forgot all about it until I heard a thud in the porch earlier. Turns out all of these catalogues are fairly weighty. I was so excited, like a kid at Christmas! I want to buy all the things! The girls were pretty excited too when they saw the ones for outdoor equipment.


My excitement was short lived when I realised that anything remotely interesting was way out of our price range. It’s no wonder schools have no money. It also made me appreciate the job of our Resource Manager a little more; no wonder she wanted to know where everything was and didn’t want to hand out unlimited supplies of glue sticks and pencils. This stuff is expensive to buy.


We Can’t Buy Everything… Now What?


Ok, so buying a lot of resources is out of the question. Amazingly, loaning any from Birmingham LA also seems to be out of the question too, I can’t find any information on that at all.


What Do I Need To Buy To Home Educate?


What I’ve decided to do instead is to “make do” with what we already have. For example, scales. Yes, nice plastic ones with buckets that schools have are lovely, but actually the girls need to learn to use proper scales. So we’ll use our kitchen ones. No need to buy anything there. My feeling is that there’s going to be a lot of stuff like that, where we don’t need to buy anything and we can use things at home.


What Do I Need To Buy To Home Educate?


I’m also going to keep my eye out for interesting things at charity shops too. I do love a good rummage at a charity shop. If there’s something specific that I’m looking for, I’m going to look on eBay or other places online. As for books, the library is going to become our best friend!

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