What We Did During Lockdown

So, my last blog post was written just after it was announced that UK schools were to close. Then the UK went into lockdown.



I didn’t post at all during lockdown, even though it probably would have been a great time to. Every parent in the UK suddenly found themselves taking on the role of their child’s teacher. I put a lot of pressure on myself to draft some blog posts and try to offer some useful content. But in the end, it didn’t happen. My focus was firmly on my family’s wellbeing and that’s ok!


How Did We Cope During Lockdown?


Being home educators already, it’s easy to assume that lockdown wouldn’t really have changed much for us. We work from home usually as well, so no change there either!


I’ll admit, it has probably made the last few months seem easier in some ways. We’re all already used to spending all of our time together and a lot of that time at home.


Right at the beginning we spoke to the girls about how we had to be kind to each other and respect everyone’s need for space. We told them we’d find it hard at times but that’s ok and we just needed to all keep talking to each other about how we’re feeling.



I won’t lie, it hasn’t all been plain sailing, but for the most part the girls have been getting on just fine. They’re really good at playing playing together and we haven’t had many arguments between them. That’s been a huge advantage of home educating them together though; they enjoy each other’s company!


Everyone’s moods have been up and down throughout lockdown. Mostly we’ve all stayed fairly positive, but there have been some sad days, some bored days and we’ve all struggled to feel motivated.


Education During Lockdown?


Obviously all of our usual groups and classes were cancelled, but I thought that we should still keep some kind of routine. When the BBC announced that they were going to do a daily Bitesize show, we decided to start watching that.


That lasted about two and a half weeks! The first week the girls were pretty keen and the shows did lead to us doing other activities and having some interesting conversations. Then, they got fed up with it. To be fair, the shows were incredibly cheesy and I was getting fed up with them too.


After that I just went full unschooling with them. For the rest of lockdown we’ve let them decide what they’d like to do and when. It certainly took the pressure off us; I certainly didn’t have the head space for planning activities or anything for them. The girls have definitely enjoyed the freedom too, even if I have heard the words ” I’m bored” more than I’d like to!



So that’s how lockdown went for us. Did we achieve much? In an educational sense probably not. But we are getting through it one day at a time with our mental health in tact, and that’s definitely something.

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