What We’ve Done This Week: 21st October 2019

As you know, this time last week I was having a bit of wobble about whether unschooling was working for us. Then I started to write about what we’d been up to and it helped me put my mind at ease! So, more for myself than anyone else, I’m going to try to write a weekly blog: what we’ve been doing this week!


This Week


What We Did This Week | The Home Education Diaries



Over the weekend we changed the house around a bit and the girls have now got a playroom. In it are their craft supplies, chalkboard, IKEA kitchen and accessories, chairs and an awesome table their Grandad made for them. Today has mostly been spent with them playing cafes and, ironically, schools.


P requested that they have a spelling test, so I obliged and gave them cafe-related words. It’s the first time she’s really wanted to do any writing since July. I was really impressed with how she’d used her phonics to spell the words; they weren’t all correct but they were certainly readable.


The girls both had their karate class tonight and I started looking online for ideas for our Harry Potter curriculum.




What We Did This Week | The Home Education Diaries

We go to the library on Tuesdays. This week the girls only chose fiction books, whilst I looked for books I could use for planning some Harry Potter-style lessons.


After the library we tend to go over to a local coffee shop based in a church and read our books together. Today P read through a whole book by herself! It’s the first time she’s wanted to read for herself in a while.


Then we took a trip to IKEA to buy a toy till. The girls have been really enjoying playing cafes at the moment and they also have some of this play money, so a till seemed like a great idea. It’s definitely covering some real-life maths in a fun way for them.


After we got home paint was requested, so I contained the potential mess by doing some salad spinner art with them.




Today was the girls’ fortnightly art class. It’s at a lovely craft shop near where my family live. Today they were designing their own fantasy creatures, which is definitely something they like to do. P is the youngest in the class, but the teacher said that she’s very impressed with her creativity, which was lovely to hear! After class, the girls carried on colouring in, whilst I caught up with my friends and had a coffee.


What We've Been Doing This Week | The Home Education Diaries

In the afternoon, I set out a play dough invitation including homemade cinnamon play dough, feathers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and wooden bats and pumpkins. Lots of monsters were made and stories told about them whilst we listened to the soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


After the girls went to bed I continued my Harry Potter curriculum brainstorming; I’m getting pretty excited about it!


What We've Been Doing This Week | The Home Education Diaries



Today was a bit different; I had to go to a networking event for our business. The girls got to spend some time with Andy. They painted some clay creations and rocks they’ve collected. After that they disappeared to play on their Kindle Fire tablets, but they have to spend 15 minutes reading before any apps will work!


I planned three units of study, Harry Potter-style: Alchemy, Potions and Herbology. I know that Eleanor and Phoebe are going to love doing this after Christmas!




We popped over to wish my Dad a happy (belated) birthday this morning, before visiting my uncle and taking him shopping. The weather has been miserable today so we came straight home!


What We've Been Doing This Week | The Home Education Diaries

Some more painting was done, both on paper and adding finishing touches to the clay creations. After that, E found some pegs and wanted to turn them into peg dolls. They both did an amazing job decorating them with just some pipe cleaners and scraps of fabric! After that, it was back to playing cafes.


Feeling Happier!


I’m definitely feeling a lot happier than I was this time last week. Nothing has really changed this week, in terms of routine, but with Harry Potter plans in the making and the girls being so creatively productive, it just feels like a better week!


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