What We’ve Done This Week: 2nd December 2019

For me this week has really had its ups and downs. We’ve had those moments where the girls have been engaged in something and everything has felt great. Then we’ve had moments of no one wanting to do anything. Those moments are when I start to question and second guess myself.


It’s silly really, I know from my teaching experience that children don’t stay motivated and engaged 100% of the time. Yet at home, sometimes I expect too much. Sometimes I tell myself it’s ok that we have done a great deal; this still feels like our period of “de-schooling”. Other times I get annoyed with myself that I’m not planning our weeks to death.


Overall though, I think it’s ok that we’re still finding our feet with this…




What We've Been Doing This Week | The Home Education Diaries


This morning we sat down to continue our letters to Father Christmas. P was copying the writing I’d done for her, but after about ten minutes she’d really had enough. She’s still finding it very strange that she doesn’t have to sit and finish things like she would at school. She started to get a bit sulky until I explained to her that it was fine to go and play and come back to her writing later.


E was getting on just fine writing her letter out and her handwriting is really coming on. Of course, once P disappeared from the table she wanted to as well!


After lunch, Daddy took the girls for a long walk in the park to collect pine cones. Their plan is to spray them gold and use them as tree decorations.




Today didn’t quite go to plan. We did our usual library visit and café stop in the morning, which was lovely.


What We've Been Doing This Week | The Home Education Diaries


Then we got a call that someone was coming to fix our heating. In the afternoon I had planned for us to finish the letters and maybe do some more crafty stuff. The girls aren’t keen on having people they don’t know in the house, so they wanted to hide and carry on watching Carmen Sandiego. Once it was all sorted it was almost four o’clock, so I felt like the day was done really. There’s always tomorrow!




Another art class today, which is always a nice hour for the girls. I won’t lie, it’s pretty good for me too as I get an hour to myself with a pumpkin spiced latte! Today they were doing some drawings with different textures to them.


What We've Been Doing This Week | The Home Education Diaries


After lunch we went to a garden centre to do a bit of Christmas shopping. It’s interesting having them around for Christmas shopping this year; I think they’re learning quite a lot about the value of money. It’s also nice that they’re actually choosing the gifts and cards that are from them. It definitely means more.




Our last Forest School session of the year! Just as well really as it was absolutely freezing. It’s ok for the girls because they’re constantly moving around for two hours, but for us it gets very cold indeed.


What We've Been Doing This Week | The Home Education Diaries


Today P made the most lovely little reindeer! She sawed the wood by herself and put it all together. Andy only helped her to snip the antlers to the right size because the secateurs were too big for her hands. I am so impressed by this and it’s now proudly on display in the living room.


After Forest School we took the girls to go and buy their Christmas present for each other. They had a £10 budget and because they didn’t want to buy anything made of plastic, it was quite a challenge! I took E with me and we had some really interesting conversations about gift buying.


What We've Been Doing This Week | The Home Education Diaries


I was talking to her about how I choose gifts for people. We talked about considering a budget, someone’s interests and whether gifts are wanted or bought just to have something to give. She’s very aware of the wasteful culture around Christmas and I’m glad.




I’ll be honest, today felt like a write-off. The girls weren’t in the mood to do anything and P was feeling quite sad all day. I couldn’t even get them to finish their letters to Father Christmas!


We ended up putting a Christmas film on and just snuggling up with a cup of tea. Sometimes tea really is the only answer!


What We've Been Doing This Week | The Home Education Diaries


We’re officially on our Christmas break from Friday 13th December (which is the day we’re going to see Father Christmas!). We haven’t decided when to start up again in January but I am excited to be going into 2020 with a plan and a Harry Potter-based curriculum which I’ve written myself!

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