Who Are We?

Hi, we’re the Maus family: Andy, Toria, Eleanor and Phoebe.

We’re the Maus family!

We love Star Wars, days out, LEGO, climbing trees, karate and Harry Potter.

The girls are aged 8 and (very nearly) 6, and we decided to home educate them in July 2019 after becoming disillusioned with the girls’ school. We run our own business so, luckily, we have a very flexible lifestyle anyway and home educating fits right in!

Toria was a primary school teacher and will be taking on the majority of the educating. She wanted to set up a blog to document our journey; the highs, the lows, they days in and the days out. Mostly for ourselves, but also as a way of connecting with others on the same path. She’ll be the one writing everything here, unless the girls feel like joining in!

Something you won’t see here very often are pictures of the girls. Or at least pictures of their faces. We’re not keen on sharing photos of them online and they don’t like it either.