Our visit to meet the Lord Mayor of Birmingham | The Home Education Diaries

Our visit to meet the Lord Mayor of Birmingham

Isn’t is funny that we all, as adults, need to know about politics but as children we’re hardly taught a thing? We’ve always talked about politics with Eleanor and Phoebe: they’ve been with us to vote many times, we’ve discussed our opinions on Brexit and we even took them to a rally before the last […]

Do We Need A Routine? | The Home Education Diaries

Do We Need A Routine?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve joined a few different Facebook groups for people who home educate. I’m one of those annoying lurking types. For the last couple of weeks, in one group, I’ve noticed that parents have an obsession with routine. There lots of posts where people are breaking their day down into […]

We're Real Home Educators Now! | The Home Education Diaries

We’re Real Home Educators Now!

Although we were “not back to school” a couple of days ago, today felt a bit like it was our first proper day as home educators. Or at least the first time we were outing ourselves as such, hence the daft title of this post. After I’d spent a frantic few days in July researching […]

Not Back To School… For The First Time

I realise that I’ve been going through the “back to school” routine every September, without fail since I was three years old. Staring with pre-school, then through to nursery, primary school, secondary school, college, university and working as a teacher. Then I became I mum and “back to school” meant our playgroup and music group […]

What Do I Need To Buy To Home Educate?

What Do I Need To Buy To Home Educate?

The primary school that I worked in had a Resource Manager. It was her job to buy resources, keep them organised and make sure they were available when needed. If I ever needed something for a lesson, I’d fill in a request form and it’d arrive in my classroom when I needed it. Well actually, […]

Day Out: Coventry | The Home Education Diaries

Day Out: Coventry

A few weeks back we bought a Railcard so that we could have a few train adventures over the school holidays. Of course, things have changed now that we’re home educating, but we still want to get out and about over the summer. With that in mind, I thought it’d be nice to do a […]

Why We Decided To Home Educate

Taking the decision to home educate our daughters wasn’t an easy one. It’s something we’ve talked about on and off since our eldest was offered a school place, but things seemed to come to a head pretty quickly during the last week of the school year. Tuesday I’m sitting drinking coffee with some mums I’m […]